Unsubstantiated Theories

Black & White

Before 1907, the world was black & white. Like a fruit, it gradually ripened and continues to do so, hence the gradual increment of colour quality from 1907 to now. This explains why all photos taken before 1907 are in black & white only.

Donor Card?

0.0034% of all organs donated by donors are fed to cannibals kept in psychiatric facilities, to sustain them during their rehabilitation.

I See Things Differently

We all see things differently. I see that I am walking up the stairs. You see I’m walking upside down up the stairs. I see 2 + 2 and you see 5 × 35. We don’t all see reality, because there is none.


The average human mind has certain terms and limits that categorize things. For example, commercials always advertise the price $19.99 because if it was one penny more, it would be categorized as expensive. Domino's Pizza: Ready in 30 Minutes. If it was Ready in 29 Minutes, we would all wonder how they made their pizza so fast.

The Nature of Matter

All matter is made up of little bugs. When they know I’m looking a certain direction, they gather themselves together to form what should be there. Everything behind me, though, has devolved into masses of crawling bugs. Only when I turn around (and they know when I will) do they form into the things behind me.

In my mind’s eye, though, I know they are crawling around behind me and that everything I see is really made of minute bugs.

War is Obsolete

With nuclear weapons looming, there will never again be a total war like there was in World War II.

Winning in Sports Means Nothing

Whatever feeling of accomplishment you feel in sports will be eventually replaced by some idiot who feels the accomplishment magically doesn’t count. Doesn’t matter who wins the superbowl, someone else will win next year.

Almost Everyone is a Jerk

The anonymity of the internet lets people be who they really are with little fear of repercussion. The majority of people online behave in a very rude manner, which suggests that most people are secretly jerks, they’re just too afraid to behave that way in person.

This is not an argument in favor of banning anonymity, simply an observation.

Dusk of Man

Religion as a whole will never stop or cease to exist. And to think that Man can live without God is also not possible. Consider this: Religion, in theory, is based on the human need to rationalize daily events. To make sense from nothing. We could not explain thunder so we said Zeus. We could not explain the afterlife so we said Hades. But that lack of knowledge gave us reason to find answers. The questions Religion could not answer, Science did. The Church said God created the Modern Man but it was Darwin’s curiosity that created the Theory of Evolution. That said, is it truly possible to rid the world of Religion? No. Because without Faith, Reason has no purpose. A child may leave his toys as he grows older, but that imagination he had drives him to become a successful person.

Parallel Information Universe

When information gets sucked in a black hole, it goes to another universe that consists of only information.